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Blocked Drains

Drainage Problem? Need to Unblock Drain?

If you get a blocked drain or drainage problems, you may find it difficult to flush your toilet or notice that dirty, nasty, smelly waste water drains away very slowly or worse it can come back up from the toilet or sink, flooding your property. Immediate action like calling an emergency blocked drain plumber may save not only the hassle of flooding or foul smell, but also less work for your local blocked drain cleaner in Melbourne to fix the problem and consequently low cost to fix the drain blockage problem.

Please Call 0418 311 833 For 24 Hours Of Emergency Help For Your Drainage Problems And Let Our Expert Drain Cleaning Plumbers In Melbourne Handle Everything For You.

What causes blocked drain?

The sewer system is only designed to carry wastewater, human waste and toilet paper. Any other items put into the pipe can get stuck, resulting in blockages and, in the worst cases, sewage backing up into homes, gardens and streets.

Blocked drains are most commonly a result of tree roots, unsuitable products, such as cooking fat, wet wipes and sanitary products, building up in the pipes. Drainage pipes from your home are usually only 10cm in diameter and can easily become blocked if the system is abused.

Stormwater can also play a significant role here. If the drain system is fine, water goes smoothly, but when it gets a huge flow, your drain system may not be able to handle the situation smartly. This will cause water to overflow. The most common causes are tree roots, leaves and dirt which blocks the drain, causing the water to flood.

What do we do?

Whether you have got a stormwater drain overflowing, blocked drain or any other drain blockage problem, Asquith Plumbing with over 40 years experience and the latest technology will remain with you till the end to make sure that your drain is cleared.

Our specialist blocked drain cleaner in Melbourne will travel to you no matter where you are – give us a try – you will not be disappointed in the service you receive – that is our guarantee to you!

How we do it?

Asquith Plumbing uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to detect the reason for drainage problems. Our drain cleaning plumbers will not only unblock your system but also provide our best effort to fix the actual cause. This will ensure longer hassle free life.

We have the modern drain cleaning tools including Rigid KN115 sewer machines, Race Jet 5000 high-pressure hydro jet cleaning equipment, high-pressure air guns, electronic drain and pipe locator, diagnostic drain cameras all the way down to the simple plunger. We also have small cable sewer machines for the smaller drains. For plumbing inspection, we use these tools to detect any concern before it may be a headache for your family. Asquith Plumbing also can provide you with the video footage of in-drain as a report.

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